Welcome to My Buggering About Blog.

It’s my first real blog. I’m not sure yet if it will be worth reading but I’m going to throw caution to the wind and write it anyway. Because that’s how I roll.
Why Buggering About?

Because I’m retired, there isn’t a lot of stuff I’m absolutely obliged to do so everything, more or less, is Buggering About. So Buggering About is what I’m going to write about. Exactly what kind of buggering about varies but mostly it’ll be about photography and computer type shit.

In a previous life I was a photographer. Then I was an animated CGI artist and technical director (I wasn’t animated, the CGI was; see the dizzy grammatical heights to which I shall be aspiring to here). I had a lot of fun in both disciplines and I still continue to mess with both in a laid back kind of way. More the photography than the CGI; CGI is too hard to take seriously.

So you’re going to see a lot of photographic Buggering About; tutorials, workflows mostly rather than images per se because I already have a site for my photographs (http://www.kim-aldis.co.uk. Go! Visit!). And some tech stuff; I know tech, I’m a bit of a lazy bastard and I’m big on using it to make life easier so you’re going to see some techy workflow type Buggering About. Mostly photographic kinds of workflow. I do a bit of music drumming shizzle too. I’m less good at that so I may keep quiet about it.

And my wife, Top London Agent, tells me I’m grumpy. So I’ll probably rant a bit. I think it’s important to do rant.

Oh, and “Buggering About in a Small Land”? Hat tip to Philip K DIck for his novel “Puttering About in a Small Land”. The novel itself has no bearing on the blog, I just liked both it and the title. And “Bugger My Tears the Policeman Said” just wasn’t doing it for me.

If you’d like to know a bit more about me you can find a resume on my photography site at https://www.kim-aldis.co.uk/kim-aldis-resume/
And Finally:

Here’s a picture of a dog and some legs.



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