A Menubar App for Bear, the Awesome Mac Note Taking App

Noodling around with Bear, the new kid on the Mac note taking block, it occurred to me that it would be very nice if there was something that would let me paste text into a note without having to switch to Bear, type, then switch back to whatever I was working on. There’s a couple of hotkeys to bring Bear to the front or create a new note but it’s a bit round the houses and it could be quicker.

I had an hour or so to spare so I thought I’d have a crack at knocking something up. The result is BearBar, a Menubar app with a global hotkey that opens a popover window and appends the text you type to a Bear.

I make no excuses for the fact that it’s very bare-bones indeed. The hotkey is hardcoded and unchangeable, there are no preferences and it has none of the visual elegance of Bear but it works.

You can download it here. When you run it you’ll see an orange icon in the Menubar. You can bring its text entry popover up either by clicking on the icon or using the <cmd>Escape hotkey. Type some stuff, hit <cmd>S and it will append its text to a note called BearBar. The note is created if it doesn’t exist. If you change your mind and don’t want to append anything just click outside the popover or type <cmd>Escape again. To quit BearBar just hit the ‘Quit’ button at the bottom of the input box.

All being well I’ll add extra functionality in due course and I’m open to any and all suggestions but in the meantime, enjoy.


Added a globaly hotkey to paste contents of clipboard into a Bear note

Added a global hotkey to paste contents of clipboard into BearBar’s text pane

Addendum. Thoughts:

  • Preferences
    • Change open hotkey
    • Option to have clipboard ready and pasted into input window when it’s opened
    • User specified note to append to
  • Global hotkey to just paste clipboard into the Bear note
  • agilejoe

    This is really interesting and something I am looking for. Any thoughts on open sourcing it?

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